Welcome to Crystal Staff for Meditation, Dharma & Spiritual Studies

Crystal Staff is a non-profit organization based in Ottawa-Gatineau Canada. We are dedicated to supporting the practices of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions that lead to awakening through the development of compassion, non-clinging awareness and insight.  We are affiliated to a world-wide network of organisations.

Latest News

Dates to be announced Lama Mark has agreed to teach in Ottawa this Fall at 36 Vanson Avenue Contact: Trudy Gold   Email: tgold108@gmail.com

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The Three Words of Garab Dorje or the Chenrezeig Cycle

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The Elements and Awareness & Life Moves Movement Workshops Apr. 25/26, & Being in Touch, Being Present Wednesdays 7 pm, w/ Terry Hagan & Mala Sikka

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Come learn Meditation

Crystal Staff is dedicated to bringing teachings to Ottawa that uplift and empower

Latest Teachings

  • Audio Tarchin Teaching on Chenrezi

    Tarchin reads “The Sadhana of Chenrezi” 2013 and also explains the meaning of Chenrezi in th

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  • Chime Shore on Emptiness

    Chime Shore on Sunyaya

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Meditation Group

Great opportunity to establish your practice. The meditation sits are suitable for beginners to advanced.