Crystal Staff is an affiliate of a larger worldwide group of Buddhist groups and Dharma Centres whose root teacher was the Namgyal Rinpoche (Ananda Bodhi). Crystal Staff’s objectives are to support development of peace, awareness, understanding, luminosity and compassion.

Crystal staff is dedicated to supporting Eastern and Western spiritual traditions designed to lead to awakening through the development of compassion and insight though supporting local dharma activities and sponsoring visits to Ottawa by meditation masters in our tradition.We are a non-profit charitable organization based in Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada.

This eclectic approach follows a precedent set out by Namgyal and has its foundations in Tibetan Vajrayana and Theravadin Buddhist traditions, as well as the Western Mysteries tradition and modern science and psychology.

Also following the precedent set by Namgyal Rinpoche, we work to gather techniques and practices that are helpful and effective for living meaningfully in the modern world. Teachers and practitioners in this tradition use and modify classical meditation techniques in response to the needs, psychological makeup and conditioning of Westerners. Academic study and creative exploration are strongly encouraged. We strive to bring about increased awareness of ourselves as members of our community, the wider world, and our planetary ecosystem.

2017-2018 Crystal Staff Executive

Chairperson: Robin Keogh

Vice Chairperson: Carol English

Treasurer: Eleanor Kibrick

Secretary: Judy Mills

Members at Large: Anna Woods, Deborah McLachlan, Gerry Giuliani.

To contact the Chairperson send e-mail to robin@crystalstaff.org with Subject: CS Executive


Students of Namgyal Rinpoche have lived in the Ottawa area since the early 1970s, first establishing a community presence in the Wakefield and Shawville areas of Quebec, and later centering activities in the city of Ottawa. Thanks to the early encouragement of Tony Albright (Sonam Gyatso) and resident teacher Tarchin Hearn, students started a Dharma house in the Carleton University area which provided focus for the activities. The urban house began auspiciously by hosting a visit to Ottawa by His Holiness, the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa, head of the Karma Kargyu School of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism in 1977 during his second trip to Canada. We also benefitted over the years from numerous visits by our root teacher, Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche, and teacher residencies and visits from many of Rinpoche’s senior students. In the late 1970s the group of students decided to formally establish a Study Society and obtain charitable status. It was at this time that the name “Crystal Staff” was adopted.

The organization is dedicated to the uplifting of beings. Our goal is, for those beings seeking help, to offer a “staff” that is crystal clear, happy, and awake. Over time the group has organized various teaching venues, at times owning property, or renting Dharma houses where teachers were accommodated and classes and retreats were conducted.


There is an annual General Meeting (usually April/May)
Memberships are due at the beginning of each year

Members in good standing may

Be nominated to the Board of Directors (usually after holding membership for one year)

Vote for nominees to the Board of Directors

Present topics for discussion and decision and

Participate in the discussion on and development of various issues concerning the work of Crystal Staff

The Board of Directors is responsible for the administration of the organization.  We have a minimum of 4 members who meet at least 4 times each year to handle Crystal Staff business. Ad-hoc meetings are arranged as needed for arising business. Members may attend but may not vote.

Should you need to reach the Board, Contact the Chair or use the Crystal Staff general e-mail address,
Subject – “to the Board’s Attention”