Lama Lena Retreat August 7-12, 2020

The Three Words of Garab Dorje or the Chenrezeig Cycle Friday, August 7 – Wednesday August 12, 2020 New Life Retreat/ Lanark Ontario / Lama Lena . (Yeshe Kaytup) . August 7-12, 2020 Crystal Staff, Ottawa and New Life Retreat a

An On-Line Meditation and Movement Weekend with Terry Hagan and Mala Sikka

The Elements and Awareness & Life Moves Movement Workshops Apr. 25/26, & Being in Touch, Being Present Wednesdays 7 pm, w/ Terry Hagan & Mala Sikka Dear Friends,This is an invitation to attend the previously scheduled workshops with Terry

Lama Mark Webber In Ottawa: Fall 2020

Dates to be announced Lama Mark has agreed to teach in Ottawa this Fall at 36 Vanson Avenue Contact: Trudy Gold   Email: