New Board of Directors’ Vision: April 2017.

Crystal Staff New Board of Directors vision statement: April 30, 2017

We see Crystal Staff as a valuable community resource that has been carefully built and maintained by a small but loyal and dedicated membership.  Though our role has changed functionally in the years since the Rinpoche died, our basic mandate remains as I believe he would have wanted it:  We would like Crystal Staff to continue to serve the community by sponsoring and helping to make dharma teaching available in the Ottawa area, by bringing in lineage and lineage related dharma teachers; by sponsoring local dharma events and workshops in the community; and by supporting our own member dharma students who demonstrate financial need, through the awarding of scholarships to help them attend retreats and enrich their own practices.

We will begin with the time-honoured Board tradition of quizzing our membership to see what new ideas might be germinated and brought into being.  We will continue our present tradition of holding monthly sangha gatherings.  We will continue to maintain the present website and send out regular newsletters.  We will investigate improvements to the website, seeing if can be brought to have a more visible web presence. As well as offering scholarships, we will continue to offer support to members of the community willing to organize and sponsor teacher visits, through seed money and advertising. We will continue the excellent work done by Gerry and Steven to shift our bylaws to meet the new Ontario legislation coming into effect.   We will brainstorm about other community events and workshops and outreach.

The new Board is composed of new and old members, and collectively we bring a wealth of wisdom and a breadth of experience to the job, along with a much needed burst of new energy.  Our outgoing Board has provided exemplary community service and support for many years, and it will be a quite a challenge to meet the excellent standards that they have set.     

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