• Audio Tarchin Teaching on Chenrezi

    Tarchin reads “The Sadhana of Chenrezi” 2013 and also explains the meaning of Chenrezi in th

    • 2013
  • Cecilie Kwiat on Right Mindfulness

    • Right Mindfulness
  • Chime Shore on Emptiness

    Chime Shore on Sunyaya

    • Chime Shore Explains Sunyata
  • Chimé Shore teaching on Arising Yoga

    Chimé Shore explains in detail the practice of Tantra, Vajrayana and Empowerments (Wongkur, Initiati

    • Chime Shore
  • Mindfulness of Breathing

    Lama Mark Webber “Gasping for Breath” Excerpt from a talk given in November, 2008. Anapanasati, the

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  • Origin of the name Crystal Staff

    On Being Staff by Tarchin Hearn In 1977 I was invited to Ottawa, Canada, to be res